DK international care only works with suppliers, who comply with all existing regulations and laws. We regularly do audits through local representation or an impartial third party and always directly from DK international care.

DK international care is a member of BSCI, Business Social Compliance Initiative (amfori BSCI). BSCI works from a behavioural code that employs international conventions. This is highly relevant in order to improve the working conditions throughout the value chain. Businesses who concur with the behavioural code of amfori BSCI commit to following its principles and live up to their responsibility for respecting human rights during tasks performed under their influence.

For a number of years, our products have been produced by our valued suppliers in the East. Here, we make use of amfori BSCI as a means of in developing the production businesses and helping them secure good working conditions and rights for their employees. Every single factory goes through an inspection by an impartial third party to ensure the right working conditions.


At DK international care, we carefully select our suppliers and partners to be able to provide our customers with the best quality and prices.

Therefore, we work closely with our primary suppliers and often take part in product development and implementation of labels such as eco-labels. Most of our suppliers are ISO-certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.



The Nordic Swan Ecolabel (Svanemærket) is used in the Nordic countries for non-food products. Products with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel contain no endocrine disruptors or chemicals of concern and the production process standards are very high. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel also guarantees that the product in hand is among the least environmentally damaging in its category.

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is optional and can be added to our toilet paper, kitchen towel and wet wipes.

Read more about the Nordic Swan Ecolabel at:


The EU-Ecolabel is the official European ecolabel for non-food products (just like products that carry the Nordic Swan Ecolabel). Products with the EU-Ecolabel integrate environmental considerations, live up to strict environmental standards and are high quality. The EU-Ecolabel sets the standards of a product’s specifications. This means that a t-shirt, as an example, is required to live up to certain standards, whereas toilet paper obtains the EU-Ecolabel by living up to other standards.

The EU-Ecolabel can be added to our toilet paper, kitchen towel and wet wipes.

Read more about the EU Ecolabel at:


Astma-Allergi Danmark and the shared Nordic label, Asthma Allergy Nordic, focus on reducing and preventing the risk of allergy, irritation, and rash. Buying products labelled with The Blue Label from Asthma Allergy Nordic guarantees you products free from unnecessary ingredients such as colorants and perfume.

We offer declarations in accordance with Astma-Allergi Danmark.

Read more about Astma-Allergi Danmark and Asthma Allergy Nordic at:


The OEKO-TEX label is your guarantee that a product was tested to check its content of harmful chemicals. Having this label means that users of the product are not exposed to any health hazardous substances emanating from the product and its materials.

Read more about the OEKO-TEX label at:


FSC® is short for Forest Stewardship Council®. This organisation is working on spreading responsible forestry to the rest of the world. FSC-certified forests have high standards to live up to in terms of social, economical, and environmentally sustainable forestry. Choosing FSC-labelled products means helping current and future generations take care of forests worldwide and the humans and animals, who live in them.

Our kitchen towel and toilet paper can be produced according to FSC standards. Contact us to know more about your options for FSC-labelled products.

Read more about FSC at:


Several of our products contain vegan ingredients only such as our wet wipes for personal care. Ingredients with no animal origin are considered vegan.



Ecocert originates from France and this acknowledged certification sets sky-high product ingredient standards. To obtain the Ecocert certification, it is required for the ingredients to be organic or natural. Respecting biodiversity, the environment, and human health is also of great importance.

Read more about Ecocert at:


GOTS is short for “The Global Organic Textile Standard”, which is an international organic label for textiles made to facilitate sustainability throughout the entire life cycle of a product. Textiles/cotton with this certification are therefore required to consist of at least 95% organic materials. In addition, the chemicals used during production are subject to restrictions – for example, the chemicals must be free from all endocrine disruptors as well as poisonous and polluting ingredients.

Read more about GOTS at:


amfori BSCI

BSCI stands for “The Business Social Compliance Initiative”. It is a membership organisation and a leading business driven initiative for companies committed to improving the working conditions throughout the global supply chain. We are a member of the amfori BSCI, because we wish to bring social responsibility into focus.

Read more about amfori BSCI at:

SA 8000

SA 8000 is short for “Social Accountability”. It is a certification standard that facilitates social responsibility by providing decent working conditions. This certification has 9 different sections and several of them are very similar to the sections of UN’s Human Rights Declaration.

Read more about SA 8000 at:

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